Friday, June 09, 2006

TidBit: A Big Service Thank You

For those of you who are on the front lines, the ones ordering the coffee and making sure the equipment is running, please pass along this tip to those in the cubicles:
Don't be "snarky" with the technicians or delivery people. Nothing is harder than trying to provide top notch customer service but doing so in a hostile or sarcastic environment definately makes it harder.
Additionally, everyone who comes into your firm gets an "impression" - technicians and outside vendors too. If prompted (as in if they hear your firm's name in a conversation two months from now) these individuals can and do pass that impression along - Fed Ex guy, copier tech, paper delivery personnel - and they could be speaking with your potential clients!
Also, if you think "Why don't we get you a desk" for the copier technician is an original statement - think again! ;)

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