Monday, August 06, 2007

Virtual Assistants on ABC News

Last week several of my colleagues over at the International Virtual Assistants Association ( were quoted in an article entitled: Virtually There: Small Businesses Look Far Away for Help.
However, it is not just Sue and Nina and Candy that got quoted, so did Bobby Newman from my favorite unified messaging service, Bobby and I go wayyyyy back (as in over five years now). I've used and recommended Onebox to keep any virtual professional's incoming communications organized practically since opening my virtual doors in April 2001. Back then, Onebox was a free service - now, its part of the j2 global family (think efax).
I recently reviewed several unified messaging services to recommend to the IVAA. It had been several years since I had researched the competition - but I found out that doesn't matter. Of the three services reviewed, Onebox won out on price, features and ease of use - what more could one ask for? As for getting quoted, I also was recently quoted in New York's Newsday in a story entitled: Wasting Time At Work, You’re Not Alone
As I have been saying for years, it is only a matter of time before the Virtual Assistant profession goes "mainstream". It is my hope that the recent flurish of publicity and articles will get that ball a rollin'!

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